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We at elite care agency inc provide skilled nursing  & rehabilitation services provided by Licensed health care professionals i.e Nurses and physical therapist ordered by the doctor and custodial care provided by Certified Nurse's Aides.

Alzheimers & Dementia

Getting dementia care 'right' is important on so many different levels. Caring with dignity and respect allows the affected person to retain as much of who they were as possible, and removing much of the fear for both the individual and their family.

Our mission is to ensure all our residents living with dementia are enabled to live full lives in an environment that enriches and supports their choices.” ... “We want the culture to permeate all levels, roles and responsibilities within the organisation

Companionship & Hospice

Relieve the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual suffering of our patients and those who care for them. Promote the dignity and independence of our patients to the greatest extent possible.


A skilled caregiver will learn and understand how to control the spread of disease, how to make the senior feel happy through social-emotional development, how to care for them when sick and how to manage time effectively

Wound Care

The rehabilitation team includes neurologists, nurses, psychologists, nutritionists, as well as physical, occupational, vocational, speech, and respiratory therapists.

Therapy is aimed at improving the person’s ability to handle activities of daily living and to address cognitive, physical, occupational, and emotional difficulties. Treatment may be needed only short-term or throughout a person’s life. Some therapy is provided through outpatient services.

Meals & Housekeeping

"A good housekeeper not only possesses knowledge of cleaning procedures and materials, but is also reliable, detail oriented, well organized, a good communicator, and able to learn from constructive criticismEffective housekeeping can help control or eliminate workplace hazards.

meal preparation They allow people to make healthier food choices.

Skilled Diabetic Management

  • Testing blood sugar (glucose)

  • Consuming balanced meals and appropriate portion sizes.

  • Engaging in regular exercise.

  • Drinking water and avoiding dehydration.

  • Taking medications as prescribed.

  • Adjusting medications as needed.

  • Conducting self-foot checks.

Appointments & Patient Teaching

Nurses also are responsible for teaching patients about preventing and managing medical conditions. By relaying information, nurses help patients take control of their healthcare.

informs patients of upcoming appointments.

Medication Administration

Medication administration skills were classified under nine areas: (1) safe ordering, handling, storing and discarding of medications, (2) preparing of medications, (3) the administration of medications to patients, (4) documentation, (5) evaluation and assessment of medication-related issues, (6) drug calculation .

Traumatic Brain Injury

Skilled Nurses at Elite care agency inc, use several techniques to assess, treat, and care for patients with wounds. This usually includes wound debridement, cleaning, bandaging, and working with the doctor or care team to determine if other treatments are necessary. (i.e., surgery, antibiotics, etc

ADL's & Personal care

we at elite care agency inc provide skilled nursing  & rehabilitation services provided by licensed health care professionals i.e nurses and physical therapist ordered by the doctor and custodial care provided by certified nurse's Aides.


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